Organization  weddings on the island of Koh Samui, - event - agency Marrymeonsamui!

If you have come to our website: first - congratulations! You are in good hands first and only agency Event organizing events and activities in Koh Samui! Secondly - this means that the coming significant event in your life. Maybe it's Birthday? Maybe bachelor? Wedding on the tropical island? Or simply, you have a large company and like fun, but really do not want to think about his organization? And maybe all this seriously and - corporate or team building? With Ease! We will arrange a room / beach, dress, make up, bring / taken away, take pictures, deliciously fed, watered the piano, showering flowers and go to meet even the most crazy and incredible offer! Our team - talented, young, beautiful and positive people! We love to have fun, but in the meantime, come to work with the utmost seriousness and responsibility. Madly in love what we do and beautiful, the best island in the world! Our island! So ... .. Let's go !!!!!!