Western Style Wedding Ceremony    $1000

You have been dreaming of a wedding on a white sandy beach for many years. And now you are in Thailand, at last! Your prince/princess is found, the rings are ready and your happiness has no bounds. But the ceremony takes only half and hour and to make the most of that fairy day we will start it with a photo shoot at most picturesque and romantic locations of Samui. Breathtakingly beautiful temples, ‘Grandma and Grandpa’ rocks for auspicious atmosphere and secluded beaches with palm trees leaning over the crystal clear waters and longtail boats swaying with the waves… Would you like an exotic ride through the jungle on an elephant? Just like the true royal weddings of old! 


Unite your hearts and efforts in ceremonious planting of the Tree of Love, and finally….there is a floral archway awaiting you! Exchange your vows and rings in a magnificent setting, with your family and friends watching  and cheering, raise your glasses of champagne and dance under a shower of rose petals, send your wishes up to heaven with a sky lantern and live happily ever after! 


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Thai-Western Style Wedding        $1200

The joyful day begins with a Buddhist Blessing ceremony at a temple. Once you have monks’ special blessings let the party begin! We tour the island for beautiful locations and unforgettable experience. And at sunset you exchange vows and rings under a flower archway on a picturesque beach. All accompanied by champagne, rose petals and cheers. Make your wish as a family now and whisper it to the sky lantern, let it take your wish to the sky… and be happy together!


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Wedding Ceremony (all included)        $1500

Tariff all included. By passing a photo shoot with you will be a professional videographer and video - clip in the end. As well as a makeup artist and a romantic dinner at sunset

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